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Optical Solid Bubble Glass Block Crystal Cube For Wall Decoration

Optical Solid Bubble Glass Block Crystal Cube For Wall Decoration Item No.: SDCM-057

Products Specification:

optical solid bubble glass block crystal cube for wall decoration

Item No.: SDCM-057

Material:optical solid k9 crystal glass/solid bubble crystal glass

Application:partition wall,windows,roof,floor,fountain,swimming pool,indoor and outdoor decoration,Hotel lobby interior decoration,home indoor decoration,Plaza outdoor decoration,Casino exterior decoration,night club indoor decoration,KTV decoration,shopping mall decoration,building outdoor decoration,Villa decoration,holiday resort decoration,scenic area decoration,restaurant decoration,opening/closing ceremony decoration,bar countertop decoration,etc

Gluing-To build a wall with solid crystal glass bricks and connect them with transparent glue under UV light JUST LIKE to make a building with traditional bricks connected by traditional cement mortar.


Our low maintenance,beautiful looking solid crystal glass brick has many advantages that traditional bricks do not have. Our crystal glass brick is 5cm(2")of solid crystal glass that is supremely strong but also transparent(except the frosted is not pure clear)

Visibility/Transparency – These solid glass bricks allow about 80% of light transmission as mentioned earlier and also never yellow, cloud or get affected by weather or sunlight. 

50% of light transmission for bubble crystal glass bricks and no light transmission for frosted crystal glass bricks,which suitable for private space partition.

Weather Resistant – These solid crystal bricks glass blocks can hold their own against Mother Nature’s powers including gale force winds, earthquakes, floods and anything else.

Graffiti Resistant – our solid crystal bricks glass blocks not only provide extra security, they are also resistant from graffiti and other vandalism.Especially when you have lively and active kids.

Noise Resistant – As well as the other crystal bricks glass blocks we have, these solid bricks provide extra noise reduction due to the thickness of them. They will help block out unwanted outside noise as other partition products will.

Fire Resistant-our solid crystal glass bricks also have the highest fire minute rating of any block, which meet fire codes in all public applications.

Waterproof-Our crystal glass bricks can be built into the floor which will be under water all the time. You can use them in a fountain,swimming pool,roof,to build a bathtub,etc.

Custom dimensions and shapes-Our crystal glass bricks with regular sizes like 100x200x50mm and 50x50x240mm,but we can custom make any sizes as request. And we can custom make square shape,rectangular shapes,cylinder,octagon,circle,triangle,etc to meet your demand of all applications.

Different Colours-As well as coming in the popular clear/transparent, these blocks also come in color now.Like RED,BLUE,GREEN,PINK,PURPLE,GOLDEN YELLOW,AMBER,etc.

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