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20170416-20170428 Visit Our Client's Factory In India With Two Masters To Train Their Workers

At the gracious invitation of Narendra Kumar,the owner of Blue Crystal 3D Engrave Pvt. Ltd.From 20170416 to 20170428,three of us(me and two masters)have gone to India to trained their workers.They operate a factory in Bangalore,India for years and they want to improve the efficiency of their workers to expand their business in Inida and other countries.

After arrival,we found that they have all necessary machines and materials (grinding machines,polishing machines,cutting mahines,hole drilling machines,hollowing machines,sandblasing machines,3D laser engraving machines,k9 A grade blank crystal materials,big size glass sheet,sands,grinding wheel,sand paper,polishing cloth,polishing powder,etc)for a whole crystal gifts prodution line.

But their workers did not know how to use them.10 workers can only do 100 pieces finished products each day. In our factory in China, at least 2000 pieces crystals.

So we discussed a plan with the two masters and the owner to help to improve their working.

Firstly, we asked the owner to explained their workers(they did not know about english) about the plan.We asked him to appoint two workers to learn how to do the grinding more effective,two workers to learn about polishing,two workers for cutting,two workers for hole drilling and hollowing,two workers for sandblasting and cleaning.two workers for laser engraving,etc). When they trained,they will learn from each other.

Secondly,the first two days,one master teached two masters to do the grinding and another master teached two master about polishing. Two days after,the workers keep learning during our stay there.

Second two days, one master trained about cutting,one master for hole drilling and hollowing. Third two days, one for sandblasting and one for cleaning, I teached the workers for 3D laser engraving, cos we did this for years.

After 10 days trainning,all workers can work more faster than before, at least 5 times. For example, 5 workers can only cleaned 55 pieces sandblasting crystal trophies before training, but in our factory, 1 worker can finish them within 2 hours. Cos they did not know to put them into the water for 15 minutes first and then do the cleanning.

And after training, the factory saved lot of cost. Like 20% water saved,20% power saved,15% sand and polishing powder saved. And they know how to cut to save k9 crystal raw materials,etc.

India is a big market. Blue Crystal 3D Engrave Pvt. Ltd is the ONLY crystal crafts factory in india and they have 6 salesman and 5 designers and 55 workers, it should be the most competitive manufacturer in India, but due to the poor efficiency,they are not able to pick the big orders. They always asked us to produce their big quantity orders. But imported from China, it will take time during the delivery,so they can not get the rush orders in India. 

Now everything changes, they can pick any order in India and  produce them in their own factory. All our factory only need to purchase all mateials for them. We are partners and we would like to grow better and better with our clients.

And during our stay, one female staff have her 24th birthday,the factory booked her the cake and all workers celebrated her birthday together in the office.I like this.All of us enjoy the sweet moment.