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What is artificial crystal(Man-made crystal)

The artificial crystal is high-lead glass, or called lead crystal glass, that ordinary glass (silica component) was added 24% lead oxide, it will get brightness and transparency similar to natural crystal. Man-made crystal is raw materials quartz sand through a series of working procedures abstraction, elaborate incision technology and flawless burnish kung fu made of artificial crystal pure and transparent, to make up for the lack of natural crystal. Artificial crystal add metal elements such as lead split shot can enhance the light, more show crystal noble. Since the process is complicated artificial crystal, craft skills, and some even more expensive than the price of natural crystal. Molecular formula: α-SiO2 nature: α artificially grown crystal. α quartz under high pressure can be dissolved in an alkaline solution. Crystal structure is more complete, including twins, a hole, fewer inclusions. Utilizing its solubility decreases with decreasing temperature, the α quartz crystal can be grown from hydrogen, sodium hydride or sodium carbonate solution. Synthesis pressure 16.5MPa, temperature 400 ℃. In the (001) basal plane growth rate of 1.27μm / day. Mainly used in the electronics industry, ultrasonic generator, optical instruments and analytical instruments. International standard features lead oxide content of 24%, then the chemical properties of the best man-made crystal, compared with ordinary glass, mainly heavy, heavy feel; a large refractive index can be transmitted out of ten colorful spectrum of colors; high hardness , wear. Uses containing 24% lead oxide glass lead through refining, impurities, hand blown, polished, fine carving, can be made of high-grade quality lead glass art, light sculpture by facets can reflect all colors. International standards for glass have strict concept, Glass: namely, ordinary glass products. Crystal: both lead glass or crystal called lead oxide content of 24%. Therefore, containing 24% lead oxide of high quality lead glass guarantee.