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The difference between artificial crystal and glass

That artificial crystal is high-lead glass, or called lead crystal glass, that ordinary glass (silica component) was added 24% lead oxide, it will get brightness and transparency similar to natural crystal artificial crystal.

International standard features lead oxide content of 24%, then the chemical properties of the best man-made crystal, compared with ordinary glass, mainly heavy, heavy feel; a large refractive index can be transmitted out of ten colorful spectrum of colors; high hardness , wear.

Uses containing 24% lead oxide glass lead through refining, impurities, hand blown, polished, fine carving, can be made of high-grade quality lead glass art, light sculpture by facets can reflect all colors.

International standards for glass have strict concept, Glass: ordinary glass products. Crystal: lead glass or called crystal with lead oxide content of 24%. Therefore, containing 24% lead oxide of high quality lead glass guarantee.

Common artificial crystal VS glass 

Artificial crystal glass containing lead oxide, lead oxide-containing composition, the higher the refractive index and hardness, the more refined look of pure crystal, while the more difficult to cut, finished the more rare. Thus the quality of ordinary glass or crystal ware and crystal difference between the value of the low refractive degree is great.

Listen to the sound by hand flicking utensils hear the sound will be different, artificial crystal products, crisp sound, like metal-like after the impact there will be lingering feeling filled with metal sound "clang clang" sound, the higher the hardness crystal sound louder. And the sound of glass products are heavy stuffy, no echo, is a more boring "flap" sound.

Look shiny in the sun compared to high-quality crystal reflects the colors of light, bright colors, and the transition very natural light and rich color glass refraction is often incomplete and relatively dim. Transparency in natural light compared to the high quality crystal transparency, showing crystal white, while the ordinary glass or pure crystal will be yellow or mixed with cyan.

For manual into the same degree of fineness of the crystal, the pattern of higher than the pattern on a small area of the finer pattern forming complex, the higher the value. Stroking, hand tread surface a rough sense ballast hand, and the mechanism tread surface is smooth.

Since hardness than the hardness of the crystal is much higher than ordinary glass, long-term use often does not become dirty, while the glass used repeatedly for a long time, it is very easy to scratches and surface soiling like. Artificial crystal than the hardness of the glass should be large, and therefore, will leave a trace behind to draw with artificial crystal glass surface, while no such crystal glass scratch marks appear.

Weigh weight: two items of the same size, artificial crystal is much heavy than glass.